“Tend to My sheep;
they are too valuable to lose.”

"Land owned and protected

by the

Lord "

Isa 62:4



To glorify the Almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, through all our activities.

Our mission is to be catalysts of growth for Christians to a position of rest in their Godly relationship and restoration in their calling.


This entails the following:

  • Facilities: Accommodation in an exquisite and safe environment where a person’s awareness and focus on God can be maximized.

  • Guidance:  Personal guidance in healing for body, soul and spirit.

  • Prayer: Intimacy with God and intercession to establish spiritual places of refuge and houses of prayer.

  • Care: Personal care for their needs and areas of hurt, to make them realize that they are too valuable to lose from God’s perspective. To revitalize them in spirit and soul to walk in their calling.

  • Teaching: Growth in Godly purpose to enhance their personal relationship with God and their position in the Body.


To contribute to God’s greater purpose for His Kingdom.(Isa 57)

  • To overcome physical and spiritual boundaries to be able to serve the body of Christ within their environment, with special focus on uplifting leaders to move in their callings;

  • To partner with healing and care organizations internationally to move united in the fullness of one body and optimize resources;

  • To create capacity by duplicating operations in other geographical areas and mission fields abroad;

  • To empower individuals and ministries to serve as mobile teams in all the geographic and demographic areas locally and abroad to bring about healing and restoration;

  • Building networks and relationships with ministries nationally and internationally.

  • To stay in season and unity with the direction and focus of God’s master plan for the world, for these times.


Olyvenbosch Road, Wellington,
South Africa

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