We experienced what the Lord says – that our spiritual family is more important and understand us --- Eduard

I know that His grace is sufficient for me and that He is in control. Just as He gave me the strength to climb the mountain at Beulah, He will give me strength to reach the top of the mountain (problem), as long as I am patient, because He promised that He would provide for all my needs ---  Hannaleen

I experienced Beulah as a piece of heaven where I had to go through hell to be healed and to learn to reach new heights. I learnt never again to lie down physically or spiritually when my pain becomes unbearable. God’s own Hand was visible and tangible for me throughout the whole godly process. --- Elize

God se vrede is 'n lewende werklikheid op Beulah!      Petra

Encounter with God on the mountain.......        Isobel

Mag julle almal God ons Abba Vader se tasbare teenwoordigheid ervaar        Rene

Revelations!!!!            Madelein

Beulah is sekerlik die huis waarin die Here se naam(stem) is !!!!       Chris

God's house on the mountain of Hope            Dale

Launching place for eagles            Deon

Peaceful, Awesome, Overwhelming           Heather

It’s been wonderful to come to a place of rest, to marvel at the beauty of God’s majestic creation and to enjoy your sweet fellowship.     Abid and Janet, USA


You have made me feel like part of your earthly family.     Gina



My wife and I decided to visit Beulah Christian Retreat from 08 to 11 November 2016 as we realized that we need assistance in various areas of our life’s.



During the three days of our visit, my mind and spirit was completely renewed. I realized once more how vulnerable I am and that I need my Father every step of the way on this complicated planet that we live on. The lies that I believed about myself since I was an eight year old were exposed to me. It opened my eyes and helped me to identify the devastating effect that some of my previous beliefs had on my life.


Everything was done on a well-structured and logical way deeply rooted in Biblical and spiritual principles by Jacques and Hanneke, the owners of Beulah Christian Retreat.

I now have the knowledge and equipment to consciously live a life free of the strangleholds that prevented me in the past from seeing myself through the eyes of my Creator and thereby achieving my full potential.


I will treasure our precious experience at Beulah Christian Retreat for the rest of my life.

I recommend Beulah Christian Retreat to anybody that needs help in any area of his or her life.

The peaceful and quite surroundings at Beulah Christian Retreat are conducive in creating the right atmosphere for focusing on the Holiness and Al-mightiness of our Father.


I look forward to spending time in the future with Jacques and Hanneke to learn more from the endless Love and the Abundant Blessings that my Almighty Father have for me.



On my spiritual road, I realized that I need teaching and support to take the next step. I came to a stage where I just knew that there are spiritual strongholds which prevent me to freely fulfill my purpose.


When making contact with you, I had no doubt that our roads crossed by Divine Intervention of Holy Spirit.


I kept my spirit open as I had no per-set expectations other than what Father would like to impart in me during our time of stay.


I am so thankful for Jacques and Hanneke in their obedience and humbleness. You listened well and met me exactly at the place of my needs. The fact that both of you are such open channels to the voice of Father, made it possible that I could get free of bondage.


Thank you for the lectures of Truth, delivered in a very structured and digestible way. The processes I went through pinpointed areas where I needed healing, knowledge or perspective.

Thank you for your intersession and prayer. Your team-work forms a strong unit. Thank you for the practical tools and the way you taught me how to use it, enabling me to apply it in future.

Thank you for your hospitality and pleasant stay. It was such a privilege to have a view on the surrounding from such a beautiful hill and Place of Healing.


I already recommended several people to consider this option as the experience I had, was life-changing.

My kindest regards of abundant blessings in all areas of your personal lives and Beulah Christian Retreat.



All my expectation was super exceeded. I definitely am a changed person. When I got to Beulah, I struggled a lot with doing things in my own strength. I suffered from bad sleep patterns due to always worrying about everything. Jacque took me on an amazing journey in coming to meet the Lord and finding rest in our savior Jesus. Today I am so much more relaxed not stressing over everything and wondering how am I going to do it, I can rest in the power of Jesus knowing that my God has it sorted. These days I cannot wait to spend time with my big daddy and talk to him about my worries, I definitely know there is a God and he is mighty.


I struggled a lot with trust, there was a lot of emotional baggage that I had not dealt with and it kept stealing the joy of the Lord for my life. As each day passed I experienced God in a way that really touched my heart, I have never felt his presence so real, there was such peace and calmness. In the past I struggled to trust in God and allow him to work in my life. I too wanted to do everything in my own strength, cause I couldn’t trust. Over the days that I was at Beulah I started to lay everything down and fully committed to the Lord and not only gave my heart but my life. Today my relationship with my husband is much stronger and my daughter, just because I decided to trust the Lord my God and stop trying to do it all on my own.

Thank you Jacques for being obedient and for being a vessel for God to use you to speak to us, we both have come to learn just how awesome our God is and that he wants to take care of us in every area of our lives. We still everyday experience a little more of just who he is and we cannot contain just how great his awesomeness is.



I am an American missionary serving now in my 7th year on the mission field in Botswana. In 2013, I was attacked in my village, strangled almost to the point of death, and nearly raped, but was able to escape by God's grace. The experience was traumatic, however, leaving me with nightmares, flashbacks, and other signs of trauma. Thus, I looked for a Christian retreat center where I could go to process through that experience and find healing and restoration. I found Beulah online, and when I called, Hanneke described a weekend conference coming up there which included processing through a difficult experience. I decided to visit Beulah (including that conference), and through my time there, I truly found great healing. What the Lord revealed to me through my time there I have actually shared with many others, even on national radio in Botswana, to help others heal. In fact, I plan to teach a seminar at a Youth for Christ camp in January using what I learned at Beulah to help youth find healing from their past hurts. I actually stayed 9 days longer at Beulah than originally planned, and that time helped me to find even deeper healing and freedom. The natural beauty there is astounding and restorative. The people are supportive and caring.

The past two times I have gone there (in December 2015 and October 2016) were just to have a personal retreat or holiday (there was not a conference that I attended). To be honest, it is one of my favorite places to visit in the world because it is conducive to truly resting and being renewed in His presence. As a missionary, going 'home' on furlough can often be very busy and hectic, as many people want to see me and I need to make many appointments with supporters and churches. Beulah, instead, is a place where I just relax and truly rest. Jacques and Hanneke are very welcoming and caring, and are willing to talk and pray with me if I desire or need it, but they also respect if I just want to be alone with the Lord or take the dogs for a hike up the mountain. Each time I go there, the Lord speaks to my heart and confirms things to encourage me in my walk with Him and my ministry. I leave feeling refreshed, refocused, and reminded yet again of God's great love for me. 

I read this quote today, and I feel it fits well with what Beulah offers, a place to just "be" and rest in Him, thereby being restored and re-equipped to keep fighting the good fight of faith:

"By surrendering ourselves to quiet communion with God, by resting for a while from all our thinking and acting and serving, by leaving all things for once in our Heavenly Father's hands, secret wounds are healed, gathering unbelief is dispelled, and displaced armor re fixed."

(Oswald Chambers)



I went to Beulah because I needed time to rest from ministry (exhaustion) and to seek the Father’s plan for my life. I was so blessed by the reception, Jacques picking us from the airport. I felt the love and nurturing nature of God all over again. The gifts and the letter from Father that  I received upon arrival spoke to me of a process of healing, life-giving and restoration ahead. The gift-bearer (5-year old Johannes then) was the cherry on top; I was so humbled by his service.

Before I went to bed the Lord gave me the scripture from Ezekiel 36:25-27 and I slept with the assurance that the Father had already started doing a new thing in me and I was where He wanted me to be.

During my stay there, we had several teachings from Jacques and Hanneke on the Father heart of God and my identity in Him as I work in His kingdom as a missionary. They are anointed to unlock gifts and are catalysts who equip you to grow and move to the next level of your calling. An amazing aspect of my journey at Beulah was recognizing the beauty of my African culture and being a black woman in God. I watched Him redefine me, and saw a picture of the inter - twining of my feminine African background with His intended plans for His kingdom and also how I fit into His bigger picture. While I was at Beulah Father God established my identity in Him and reaffirmed me into who He created me to be. Realizing that He is the only form of stability and surety in my life was awesome for me.  He lives in me and I in Him… I am a son of God!

I left Beulah refreshed physically and emotionally and with more clarity on what the FATHER had set as my next step in ministry. Needless to say the landscape and surrounding are so amazing and one can only feel recharged and rejuvenated.