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What does Beulah Retreat offer?

On this fynbos farm, people are welcomed to share the gracious, comfortable home God has provided for His children.

Amidst the beauty of creation found in the spectacular sunsets, the quiet grandeur of the mountain ranges, the natural veld with its fynbos and protea, the wind in the treetops and the bird song, God waits to give the individual a deep sense of His presence, His Peace and His love.

This is a special place where you can be yourself and are accepted for who you are. You are encouraged to spend time alone to listen to God, to yourself, to others in your life. It is a place of refreshment and renewal, new growth and new beginnings. Supportive listeners are available.

Comfortable, full-board accommodation is provided. Facilities include a spacious prayer room and lecture room.

A fixed tariff per person per day is suggested and includes all meals.

Beulah is ideal for individuals and small groups of up to 24 people. Facilities are generally not suitable for children.

Who can benefit from staying at Beulah?

Beulah is for those who believe in the healing and nurturing of the Holy Ghost. It is for those in search of a Christian environment in which to replenish body and soul, to take on life with a renewed spirit. These people include:
  • Any Christian in search of quietness, understanding and direction.
  • Beulah is ideal for individuals and small groups of up to 24 people for overnight accommodation, e.g. Alfa Group Holy Spirit weekend, leadership planning, team building or specific training programmes.
If you are looking for deeper intimacy with God, this is the place for you. Contact us! God will bless you as you open your heart wide to Him.

Once you have visited Beulah you will be able to join us in the song:

I'm living on the mountain, underneath a cloudless sky
I'm drinking at the fountain, that never shall run dry
I'm feasting on the manna, from a bountiful supply
For I'm dwelling in Beulah Land!
Buelah Land Beulah Land Beulah Land

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